MIBCA Highlights

The Multimodal Imaging Brain Connectivity Analysis (MIBCA) toolbox was designed to:

  • Diminish time waste in data processing;
  • Allow an innovative and comprehensive approach to brain connectivity.

The MIBCA toolbox features:

  • fully automated all-in-one connectivity toolbox with batch processing;
  • offers pre-processing, connectivity and graph theoretical analyses of multimodal image data including such as:
    • anatomical MRI (T1-weighted);
    • diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI);
    • functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI);
    • positron emission tomography (PET).
  • developed in MATLAB environment;
  • pipelines well-known neuroimaging softwares such as Freesurfer, SPM, FSL, and Diffusion Toolkit, and also functions from the Brain Connectivity Toolbox.
  • includes routines for the construction of structural, functional and effective or combined connectivity matrices
  • computes both imaging and graph-theory metrics
  • performs group statistical analysis
  • enables data visualization in the form of matrices, 3D brain graphs and connectograms.